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"Goodbye, Sunshine.. take care of yourself..."

I'm Lauren, obviously. I'm fourteen years old, with the mentality of a forty year old, I swear. You can say that I'm a bit "crazy upstairs," but it's nothing that can't be handled. I keep my head on straight, because I continually see what not doing so can do to you. I wear two different earrings on a daily basis; it's just my thing! Anxiety's been my biggest struggle for as long as I can remember, but I finally have the support to attempt to conquer it. Certain people continue to and have touched my life in such a beautiful way; those people will forever remain in my heart ♥ I work each and every day to better myself. Do I screw up from time to time? Sure! But, guess what? "Life goes on."

And remember:

"Just keep going."
"Life goes on."
"Time heals."

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